Celebrate ECA Week 2020 with Woolerina

Celebrate ECA Week 2020 with Woolerina

Ethical Clothing Australia is the national accreditation body that works with textiles, clothing and footwear businesses that manufacture locally to ensure their supply chains are fully transparent and legally compliant, and workers are protected from exploitation.

At Woolerina, we voluntarily sought out ECA accreditation to ensure that workers at every step in our supply chain receive fair pay and safe working conditions and have been accredited since 2013. We are excited to be participating in Ethical Clothing Australia Week because we want to celebrate our workers and help the community understand why buying from ethically accredited businesses is so important.

Ethical Clothing Australia Week makes its debut in 2020 as the first and only fashion week focussed on locally-made, ethically-manufactured clothing, textiles and footwear. This year represents 20 years since the Ethical Clothing Australia accreditation program was first established.

“Ethical Clothing Australia Week is about going behind the clothing and broadening awareness of ethical garment manufacturing to help consumers make informed choices,” said Angela Bell, National Manager Ethical Clothing Australia. “The week will involve a range of events and activities that celebrate and promote ethical clothing manufacturing in Australia – the brands, the designers, and importantly the skilled workers behind the garments,” said Ms Bell.

This week during ECA Week 2020,we'll be sharing stories of our workers on Instagram & Facebook. You can also get to know our team through the series we ran in April this year during Fashion Revolution Week:

Meet the Founder

Meet the Makers

Meet the Office Chicks

Thank you for choosing to celebrate the Australian Fashion industry with us.

Woolerina celebrates Ethical Clothing Australia Week 2020

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