calico storage bags

Woolerina Calico Bag

Each Woolerina garment comes to you packaged in a calico bag. These bags have been designed for you to keep to store your Woolerina pieces in and to hopefully avoid the unfortunate incidence of them being eaten by moths!

Calico was selected as it is a non-protein based fibre, meaning that moths and other nasty critters are not attracted to it as a food source and therefore are not attracted to the woollens (and their proteins) wrapped inside! The calico also allows for air flow around the garment enabling it to breathe. 

The bags have been carefully designed to envelope around the garment, minimising any openings and direct exposure to light. The bags vary in size and are specifically designed to fit the Woolerina garment which they house when you purchase it. Each and every calico bag is made by hand in our work rooms at Forbes.

Woolerina Calico Storage Bag

The calico bags are available to purchase in their own right for your non-Woolerina woollies here!