Fashion Revolution 2020. Meet The Office Chicks

Fashion Revolution 2020. Meet The Office Chicks

In honour of Fashion Revolution Week 2020 we're sharing the faces behind the Woolerina team. We asked them all a few questions so that you can get to know them too. This is the third article in this series and features our admin team, which sounds really boring so we're re-labelling ourselves as "the office chicks"!

Fashion Revolution Week 2020. Meet the Makers. Rosemary

Meet Rosemary. If you’ve placed an order with Woolerina in the last two years, there’s a good chance Rosemary packed it and sent it out to you! Rosemary’s favourite part of her job is walking out the door with packages of beautiful clothing ready to be posted to our customers! She also loves receiving some of the beautiful feedback which appears in our inbox when customers receive their orders.

Rosemary’s currently loving the new short sleeve crew t.shirts which have a relaxed fit, are super-comfy and are in great colourways! They are perfect for autumn.

When the weather cools Rosemary loves nothing more than being able to light a fire outside and solve the world’s problems whilst sitting and enjoying it…having a steamed pudding while she’s there makes it the ultimate!

When asked about what Fashion Revolution means to her in her job, Rosemary states “I am very lucky and proud to work at Woolerina. The team are unwavering in their commitment to produce the highest quality product with the highest ethics”.

Fashion Revolution Week 2020. Meet the Makers. Pippa

This is Pippa, the younger of Warwick’s two daughters. Pippa has worked in the administrative side of Woolerina since she returned from a six-year stint in Canada in 2015. She takes care of our social media, wholesale customers and the many other varied tasks that pop up when you work in a small business! She reckons the best bit about her job is helping customers find the perfect Woolerina piece so that they feel lovely and warm and comfortable! Pip’s favourite piece is also a design from the original Woolerina collection – her black long sleeve crew “I just find it so comfy and warm and it pretty much goes with everything in my wardrobe” – sometimes you just can’t beat the classics, can you?!

Being able to offer our Woolerina team a safe and fair workplace is what Fashion Revolution means to Pip, that and being able to have a bit of a laugh at work! “We are so lucky to have a close-knit team who get on really well, we always enjoy a chat about our weekends and there’s plenty of sharing recipes for food we’re cooking too”.

“Fashion Revolution has really opened my eyes to the fashion industry, not just as an employer but also as a consumer, I strive to only buy brands for my family that are made in a safe and fair environment. A lot of effort goes into making clothes and the makers deserve to work in a safe place and to be treated with respect.”

With the current COVID-19 restrictions in place, Pippa and her family have been enjoying weekend evenings around an outdoor fire bucket enjoying homemade mulled wine and it’s quickly becoming their favourite family activity!

Fashion Revolution 2020. Meet the Makers. Penny

Finally there’s me Penny, the elder of Warwick’s daughters. I’ve worked at Woolerina since 2010…it started as a sideline to help Dad fill a few orders and keep him company as he travelled to events, it quickly expanded into a full office management/customer service/sales position as our business grew. I’ve juggled my job with the arrival of two kids and it’s quite often a mad house (said as I write this from my home office while the kids run riot around me!), but being part of a clothing brand that chooses the ‘right’ road over the easy road fills my heart. Just like Warwick and Pippa, I love that we’ve been able to bring all of our garment manufacturing in-house so that we can truly know our makers are working in a safe, fair workplace; that the space is somewhere I also want to work; that they are paid appropriately for the work they undertake; but most importantly, that I love working with them all! The current COVID-19 situation has seen me working from home for four weeks now and I MISS my workmates!!

I feel like there’s a trend going on here but while we’ve been home, the outside fire bucket has also been a big feature in our lives – sitting around it in the evenings, enjoying a glass (or two) of red wine has been my favourite thing and I think this tradition will stay, long after the stay home restrictions are gone. Sitting outside in the cool has been made all the more comfortable by having my Woolerina layers on and, much like the other girls, my singlet is really my go-to piece – I pretty much wear one every day from March till October. Nothing makes me feel more comfortable than a really close-fitting base layer for the cooler weather. When I’m in the office my dress also gets a fair workout – it’s my ‘big tube of warm’, but with the current staying home my happy pants are my new work uniform…and judging by the sales we’ve had for these, I think they might be a fair few other people’s too!


This is the third article in our Fashion Revolution Week 2020 series. You can read more about Fashion Revolution week and meet our founder, Warwick Rolfe HERE and meet our team of makers HERE.

Sep 22, 2020

So happy with Woolerina’s longline cardigan, which arrived with a lovely hand written note last week. It fits beautifully and is deliciously warm. Perfect for a Canberra winter! I love the idea of buying a few great quality, ethically made pieces each winter. Woolerina will be my first go-to from now on. Many thanks and best of luck for success with your business. All the best – Kim

Kim Kingston
Apr 27, 2020

Lovely to meet the girls. I have a good supply of jumpers etc at the moment but know where to go if I need more. Just love them and have recommended to my sisters and others.



Susan O'Brien

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