caring for your Woolerina clothing

How to care for Merino Wool. Woolerina care recommendations

The team at Woolerina, through their knowledge & experience, have selected the best fibre possible to be used in the Woolerina collection. This selection process ensures not only the highest quality, but also versatility and most importantly durability. With appropriate (& not too complex!) care, your Woolerina garments will give you a great deal of wearing pleasure!

Regular airing of your garments will keep them smelling fresh & reduce your washing.


Woolerina garments can be either laundered or dry cleaned (‘P’ cycle) We recommend our products be machine washed on a gentle cycle (or hand washed) in warm water up to 40°c. You should always use a wool approved detergent (check out our very own Woolly Wash). Dry in shade. Do not bleach your Woolerina garments as these products will destroy the fibre (this includes NapiSan!).

Do not tumble dry your Woolerina garments. Wool will dry weight for weight quicker than cotton & if your garment is a little damp when you put it on, it will dry from your body heat & will not make you cold; it will actually generate heat from being wet!


Use a steam iron on medium heat with a damp cloth.


Many Woolerina garments now come packaged in a specially designed calico bag. We recommend you keep this bag for storing your Woolerina. Calico was chosen as it is a non-protein based fibre, meaning that moths and other nasty critters are not attracted to the woollens wrapped inside! The calico also allows for air flow around the garment, enabling it to breathe. When not in use, wash your garment and place it in here in a cool, dark place. Clean garments are less susceptible to attacks from moths.

We also recommend storing your garment with a natural moth deterrent - our favourites are our Bug Busters or some bay leaves or whole black peppercorns (yes, the ones from the supermarket!). The Bug Buster can be hung inside your cupboard or placed into your drawer amongst your woollens. A few fresh bay leaves or mesh bag of peppercorns should be layered between your garments or put into the calico bag with your garment. These products are completely safe to you and your garments. Should you wish to use naphthalene, always place the flakes or “tablets” in the top of the storage area as the chemical gas they emit is heavier than air.

Our Calico Storage Bags are also available to purchase for your other woollies!