our story

The Woolerina story began more than 30 years ago, When Warwick Rolfe first walked into the Sydney Wool Selling Centre. Warwick immediately recognised his life-long passion for the beautiful Merino fibre and has spent his life working toward Woolerina. Warwick's long held dream of taking beautiful Australian Merino wool from the sheep's back, through to a finished fashion garment, came to fruition when Woolerina was established in 2005.

Woolerina's unique concept of working directly with Australian Merino producers grew when a partnership was established with Glenwood Merinos, located near Wellington in Central NSW.

We have a close alignment with Glenwood's Norm and Pip Smith, who are innovative farmers with a passion for their land and their sheep. Warwick personally selects from Glenwood's very best wool to create the most comfortable clothing you will ever wear.

The Glenwood Merino Story

It could be said that the Merino fibre is the only fibre in the world that helps to regenerate the land. Glenwood Merino sheep are managed to mimic nature, grazing in large mobs for short periods of time before moving to new paddocks, allowing the land to rest and regenerate its native pasture. Well treated land makes for healthier, happier sheep and the Merino wool used in Woolerina's range of clothing is un-mulesed. There is minimal chemical intervention on the Glenwood property.

While Warwick has long been considered an innovator in his field, Glenwood are also true innovators and Woolerina is proud to work alongside them.

You can read more about Glenwood Merinos and the Glenwood property at their website.