our story

 The Woolerina story began more than 30 years ago when Warwick Rolfe first walked into the Sydney Wool Selling Centre. Warwick immediately recognised his life-long passion for the beautiful Merino fibre and has spent his life working toward Woolerina. Warwick's long held dream of taking beautiful Australian Merino wool from the sheep's back, through to a finished fashion garment, came to fruition when Woolerina was established in 2005.

Woolerina's soft Australian Merino clothing begins its life in the paddocks of a central NSW farm, where carefully managed, non-mulesed sheep graze on native grasses, drink fresh water and bask in the Australian sunshine to grow their annual fleece.

Each year Warwick personally visits the shearing shed to hand select the best Merino fleece on offer, ensuring only the best raw material is being used in each and every Woolerina piece. Being able to see the sheep and ensure they are healthy and happy, is every bit as important to Warwick as being able to get his hands amongst the fleeces. In choosing fleece, Warwick uses scientific measurements, as well as his hands, to select fibre that will feel amazing next to the skin and withstand a fair amount of tough love!

Relationships are important to Warwick and the Woolerina team and in 2014 we began working with Glenwood Merinos at Wellington in NSW. Glenwood’s Norm and Pip Smith are fifth generation farmers with a passion for their land and their sheep - they also have five kids who are just as passionate!

From the farm, we closely follow the wool we’ve selected through all stages of processing to spinning, knitting and dying before we receive rolls of beautifully coloured fabric back at Woolerina HQ; from here it is cut and sewn into clothing that you’ll love to wear.