Washing Your Woolerina

Washing Your Woolerina

Washing your Woolerina garments properly will ensure you get longevity out of your garment.

No need to wash your Woolerina after every wear, Wool has a natural stretch and breathability that allows it to dissipate any moisture it might absorb. A simple airing of your garments will keep them smelling fresh and reduce your washing.

Woolerina garments can be either laundered or dry cleaned (‘P’ cycle). We recommend our products be machine washed on a gentle cycle (or hand washed) in warm water up to 40°c. You should always use a wool approved detergent, we suggest our Woolly Wash, it has a beautiful tea tree + lemon myrtle scent which helps to keep any nasty critters at bay when your woollies are in storage. 

Never bleach your Woolerina garments as this type of cleaning product will destroy the Merino fibre (this includes NapiSan!).

Hang dry or lay flat in the shade, do not tumble dry your Woolerina garments. After the washing is done and you are ready to store your woollens check out our tips here storing your Woolerina and keeping those nasty critters away.

Washing Woollens

Happy washing!

Pippa xx

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