Keeping the critters away - store your woollens well!

With the warm weather finally starting to rear it's head, it's time to pop away your winter woollies.

Most of us know that wool can be susceptible to attacks from nasty little critters (mostly moths, but can be other bugs too), so if you're like us & don't want this happening in your wardrobe, we highly recommend you check out this blog post Pippa wrote last year on storing your woollens over summer.

It's really important that you're using a good, fresh moth deterrent all year round. At the beginning of winter each year, we invariably hear from customers who've "lost" a Woolerina or two to vermin & each year we hear that they chose their favourite Woolerina not a big, bulky jumper! Just as we prefer wearing beautiful fine Merino, the vermin would much rather eat the fine fibres - so much easier to chew through!! Our favourite natural deterrents are fresh bay leaves or whole black peppercorns.

Another thing to remember is that, while you don't need to wash your Woolerina pieces regularly whilst you're wearing them, for storage they should always be put away clean. Vermin are attracted to the proteins left from our skin, so if you store without washing, chances are your beautiful Woolerina will be attacked. 

Of course if you have any questions on how to best store &/or care for your Woolerina pieces, we would be only too happy for you to get in touch!

Penny xx

Nov 18, 2016

Thanks for tip using fresh bayleaves!

I also find that lavender oil does a good job.

Our Woolerina does not get storend much as Alan volunteers ( vet) at either the Iditarod dogsled race in Alaska or Yukon Quest dogsled race( both one thousand Miles.
Yukon Quest starts Whitehorse Yukon Terriotory 4 Feb 2017 so VERY cold.

Prior to this we visit our son in Vienna so winter.?
So as you can see I wear Woolerina virtually year round!?
Hi to Warwick.

Marjoke Taylor

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