Our favourite reasons to wear a Merino Wool base layer in winter

Big Boss Warwick wears a Merino wool base layer all year round and with the cold now upon us, the whole Woolerina team are doing the same - most of us wear one from around March to October to keep the chill at bay. We've popped together our favourite reasons to wear a Merino base layer to share with you...just in case you need convincing!

1. Warmth -  Merino wool is natural insulator, holding heat within the fibres and distributing this warmth evenly across your body, to get the most warmth from your base layer, we say the firmer the better!

2. Turn your heater down - in wearing a base layer, you may just find that you can turn your heater down a degree or two and as a result, reduce your power bill. Did you know that in1962, JFK told his staff who were complaining about the cold and to go and pop a woollen jumper on?!

3. Odour resistant - Merino wool is naturally anti-microbial so you able to wear it longer than other fibres without 'being on the nose'! Leave it out to air overnight and you can then pop it back on tomorrow...and the next day...and the day after that!

4. Better sleep - leave your base layer on when you hop into bed at night and we almost guarantee that you will get a better nights sleep! Sydney University trials have even done studies to prove this, using Woolerina.

5. Less bulk - With a good firm Merino Wool base layer on, you'll reduce the need for multiple thick, heavy layers - leaving you looking much less like the 'Michelin Man'!

Our picks for a base layer?

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Pippa xx

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