Our top stain removal tips

Our top stain removal tips

At Woolerina we are often asked for advice on removing stains from woollens. It's important to treat a stain as quickly as possible after the garment has been soiled - this will ensure you have the best chance of removing it. Immediately remove as much of the offending substance as possible before following the instructions specific to your stain.

We've recently started stocking a beautiful stain removal stick created by Bon Savvy - it's perfect for treating all sorts of different stains and is made using all natural ingredients. You can check it out, along with our other favourite woollen care products, here.

For very specific stains, read on for our hottest tips!

Alcoholic Drinks
Gently dab with an absorbent cloth to remove as much excess liquid as possible. Sponge the affected area sparingly with a mixture of equal parts warm water and surgical spirit or rubbing alcohol.

Baby Poo
Sit the garment in your laundry tub, pour boiling water from your kettle directly over the stain. Treat with stain stick if required.

Black Coffee
Soak a lint free cloth in a mix of equal parts alcohol and white vinegar and lightly dab the stained area before pressing gently with an absorbent cloth.

Remove excess blood immediately with a damp sponge then gently dab the area with undiluted white vinegar followed by cold water.

Chocolate/White Coffee/Tea

Gently dab around the edge of the stain with a cloth soaked in white spirit; then follow instructions for black coffee.

Scrape off any excess substance the gently dab with a cloth soaked in white spirit; repeat action with cloth soaked in white vinegar.

Food Grease
Wet the area with cold water, apply a mild dishwashing detergent and very gently scrub the area before washing as normal.

Fruit/Fruit Juice/Red Wine
Immediately dab the stain with a 3:1 mix of surgical spirit (or rubbing alcohol) and water.

Ink/Ballpoint Pen
Dab gently with a cloth soaked in white spirit; repeat action with cloth soaked in diluted white vinegar.

Once you've treated your stain we recommend giving your garment a wash as per the instructions on the garment; you can also find them here.

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