Ethical Clothing Australia Week

Ethical Clothing Australia Week

Ethical Clothing Australia is a national accreditation body that works with textiles, clothing and footwear businesses who manufacture locally to ensure their supply chains are fully transparent and legally compliant, and that workers are protected from exploitation.

We have been accredited with ECA since 2012 and voluntarily sought out ECA accreditation to ensure that workers at every step in our supply chain receive fair pay and safe working conditions

In 2012 ECA established Ethical Clothing Australia Week to recognise workers in the local Textile, Clothing and Footwear industry and this week we are again celebrating Ethical Clothing Australia Week. It is the perfect chance to acknowledge and celebrate our in-house production team and those Australian businesses we work alongside to bring our collections to life each season.

Below you can meet our team who work hard to bring the Woolerina collection to life each year.

Woolerina Founder Warwick Rolfe

Meet Warwick... Warwick is the founder of Woolerina and has held a strong passion for Merino wool for over 45 years! Warwick held a dream of taking Merino wool directly off-farm and following it through to a finished garment that dream led to Woolerina! Warwick is very involved in all aspects of the business however his primary role is selecting the raw wool for our garments and following the process through the spinning of the yarn, knitting and dying of our fabrics and then to the cutting and sewing of garments.

Rosemary front of house

Meet Rosemary... Rosemary is in charge of our front of house. You will often meet her if you shop in-store and if you order online, your order is more often-than-not packed by Rosemary. Rosemary is always very willing to help out wherever she can and sometimes can be found tying swing tags on garments or sweeping the work room floor!

Charlene Woolerina machinist

Meet Charlene... Charlene is one of our machinists with a very high attention to detail and she has been part of the Woolerina team for over two years, she is always very willing to help out where needed but also very happy to put her head down and get the job done! 

Woolerina Merino Wool

Meet Melissa... Melissa is another one of our machinists with over 6 years at Woolerina. She has recently started to manage our CAD system ensuring all of our patterns are correctly digitised. She is always very willing to help out and share her knowledge with other team members when needed.

Delia Woolerina Production Manager

Meet Delia... Delia is our production manager and has been working at Woolerina since 2014 when she came for “just a few days work”… seven years later, she’s still here! Delia creates all of our patterns and manages our team of sewers. She is also the most nurturing and kind lady, if you ever need an ear, Delia is there for us all.

Ashlee Woolerina Machinist

Meet Ashlee... Ashlee is one of our machinists and the newest addition to our team! Ash is bright and bubbly and very willing to tackle any task that she is presented with.

Meet Pippa + Penny...
Penny and I are sisters, best friends and Warwick's daughters. We have followed in Dad's footsteps and share his passion for Merino wool - maybe because we were always told from day dot, "if you are cold, put a merino wool singlet on!" I am primarily in charge of marketing, social media and our wholesale customers and Penny is really the back bone to Woolerina and keeps us all in line.

I hope you have enjoyed meeting our team and learning about ECA. I also hope that next time you are shopping you might keep your eye out for ECA accredited brands! 

Love Pippa xx

Sep 02, 2021

Thanks for allowing me to meet you. I value my Woolwrina tops very highly and they are great for a southern winter.

Janice Cook
Sep 02, 2021

THank you for introducing your Team,
I appreciate seeing the people involved in the entire process.

I am new to Wollerina socks and singlets this year and love them.

Thank you for sharing your love for Merino wool.

A very happy customer

Denise Naish

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