Keeping your little ones warm this winter

Keeping your little ones warm this winter

The temperature has well and truly dropped here at Forbes in central west NSW and it has us thinking about the importance of keeping ourselves and our small people warm! A kind customer once shared with us a beautiful article on the important role warmth plays in the growth and development of children.

As a child's body is always developing, their high metabolic rate will mean they always feel warm, unless on the verge of hypothermia. As parents and adults in a child's life, it is our responsibility to help nurture this warmth through both the love we give them and through providing them with layers of natural insulation, to ensure that their potential growth energy is not wasted in trying to stay warm! 

Merino wool is the perfect natural insulator for busy kids. Merino wool is an active fibre, easily adapting to changes in your body temperature to keep you warm when you're cool and releasing heat and moisture (perspiration) as you warm up. This breathability means that children are far more comfortable in Merino layers than in bulkier synthetic layers, allowing them to play without becoming uncomfortably hot. We hear that this often leads to reduced lost clothing too - kids don't feel the need to shed layers, which may get left behind!

Australian Made, Australian Merino Wool Clothing for active kids!

In addition to wool's natural breathability, it makes the perfect choice for kids from a safety perspective - wool is a natural fire retardant and naturally UV and acid resistant.

When you're planning the best way to keep your kids warm, our favourite start to any winter outfit (whether you're a kid or not!), is a singlet. Lightweight, breathable and very moveable, this is a surefire way to make sure that no matter what layers come next, you've got a warm and breathable layer next to the skin!

Woolerina Australian Made, Australian Merino Wool Kids Singlet, the perfect base layer for busy kids.

Then we suggest a long sleeve crew neck top which can still be worn under other layers or is often enough on its own. Our kids crews are designed to be a snug fit so that they are easy to wear under other layers

Australian Made, Australian Merino Wool kids long sleeve crew neck top, the perfect base or middle layer for busy kids

And when looking for Merino outer layers, our kids happy pants (seen above), hoodie and vest are sure to keep everyone happy and warm and very stylish!

Australian Made, Australian Merino Wool Kids Full Zip Vest, perfect for active kids   Australian Made, Australian Merino Wool Kids Hoodie, perfect for active kids!

We understand that choosing Merino clothing for kids can be an investment and as such we've designed our kids collection in sizing 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12, in this way, combined with the stretchiness of our fabrics, we hope that you'll get a number of seasons wear from one item. The durability of the Merino fibre also means that these pieces are often handed down among siblings, cousins and friends to ensure maximum life! 

If layering your kids in Merino is something you've been thinking about but you're not sure where to start, we'd love you to get in touch - we can share plenty more hot tips with you and would love to help you invest in your favourite small people's growth and development!

Penny & the Woolerina family. xx

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