Celebrate Fathers Day with Warwick.

Celebrate Fathers Day with Warwick.

To celebrate Fathers Day, I thought it would be nice to highlight Warwick and a few of his favourite things about being a Grandpa!

Warwick has four grandchildren, Abby and Lucy (Penny's two girls) and Sadie and Charlie (Pippa's pigeon pair).

Warwick loves watching his grandchildren grow and learn new things every day. He loves to play with them, build bush cubbies and swings and he of course loves listening to their laughter! 

Woolerina Fathers Day

Little Charlie sitting on Warwick's shoulders.

Woolerina Fathers Day Gifts

Warwick sitting down by the Lachlan River and doing a little bit of fishing with Sadie, Abby and Lucy.

Warwick driving the tractor with Sadie and Abby.

Warwick showing Sadie how to fly a Kite.

Warwick giving Lucy and Charlie a tractor ride.

Hope you enjoyed the little snap shot of Warwick and his grandchildren. A big happy Father's Day to our Dad Warwick! We would also like to wish all the Dads and Grandpa's a very happy Father's Day too!

Love Pippa xx

Aug 20, 2021

Warwick, it was a delight to the heart to see the lovely tribute on Father’s Day from your daughters and grandchildren to celebrate your being a great Dad (GrandPa) with so much love and appreciation from them and even your customers! You are a true success both family and a top business man into the bargain. It is a blessed gifts to have you, and you to have them. Enjoy your special day!
from Maureen & Pas Federico

Maureen Federico

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