Meet Our Friend Rachel Pace

Meet Our Friend Rachel Pace

Rachel is the owner of ‘Farmhouse Florae’ a local florist, that also specialises in a beautiful collection of gifts and homewares.

Rachel’s love and passion for creating beauty through soft furnishings, home decoration and floral arrangements has led to the creation of the most beautiful little shop. Farmhouse Florae truly reflects her style – soft, muted colours, a mix of beautiful textures, subtle patterns, along with elegant and classic elements.

Rachel has always loved Coco Chanel’s quote “An interior is a natural projection of the soul”. “I don’t believe in following trends; I love to gather treasures on holidays or shopping trips that capture my attention instantly and have meaningful connections”, says Rachel.

 We’d love you to get to know Rachel a little better…

  1. What do you love about having a business in a small country town?
    The support of locals means the absolute world. I love recognising faces and knowing names of regulars and business owners. This simple detail is often missing when shopping in large towns & shopping centres.
  1. What do you love most about Autumn?
    I love the stunning sunrises & sunsets. I also love the cool change & the fashion that comes with it.

  2. How do you wear your Woolerina pieces and what is your favourite?
    I love to wear my Woolerina long sleeve scoop neck paired with jeans, a trench coat and scarf. I often swap the top & jeans with the Woolerina relaxed fit crew neck dress & womens classic leggings. When creating floral arrangements, I wear my Farmhouse Florae apron over the top.

  3. What is your favourite thing to eat in Winter?
    Homemade Pumpkin Soup and sourdough is a favourite! 

  4.  What do you think is the best thing about Woolerina?
    Woolerina products are comfortable, high quality & keep me warm in the cooler months. At Farmhouse Florae we can’t have the heater blasting due to the flowers, so quality, warm garments that are not too bulky is a must. Woolerina products are well worth the investment!

If you are visiting Forbes, Farmhouse Florae can be found in Templar Street or otherwise online at You can also follow Rachel @farmhouseflorae and for interior design and decoration services, you can follow her sister company @studiofloraeinteriors.


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