Woolerina X Creative Chaos by Beck

Woolerina X Creative Chaos by Beck

Recently we collaborated with Beck Cheney from Creative Chaos by Beck to create some simple stud earrings in our AW21 seasonal colours.

Beck is a local girl from Forbes who one school holidays picked up some polymer clay to give jewellery making a go and nearly two years later she is making a selection of fun earrings.

A few things about Beck:

  1. What’s your favourite thing about living in Forbes? It is a beautiful town to raise a family. 

  2. What’s your favourite thing about Winter? Staying warm inside with the heater on and binge watching Netflix.

  3. What’s your other job? My day job is a SLSO (School Learning Support Officer) in the Support Unit at Forbes High School. 

  4. Do you have a favourite podcast? I have a couple of favourites, Australian True Crime and Hamish & Andy. 

We worked with Beck to create a simple stud earring in two sizes (13mm and 16mm) these are available in each of the Woolerina seasonal colours; Banksia Red, Midnight Blue and Sea Grass Green.

We hope you love matching your earrings to your Woolerina AW21 seasonal pieces. Shop Earrings x Creative Chaos


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