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The natural benefits of Merino wool

The natural benefits of Merino wool

Merino wool boasts many amazing natural attributes, making it the ideal fibre to create the Woolerina collection.


Merino wool is a natural, renewable fibre grown year-round by Merino sheep from nothing more than sunlight, water and grass. Each year the sheep are brought into the shearing shed from the paddock for a 'haircut'. They then return to the paddock to do it all again! 


Merino wool is completely biodegradable - once you're done with your wool clothing they can be thrown into your compost where they will break down, returning valuable nutrients to the soil.


At Woolerina the raw fibre which goes into our collection of garment is carefully selected to a very tight set of specifications, ensuring durability and longevity of your clothing. We've also worked hard on our knit constructions to ensure great stretch and movement. These two factors work together to make sure you feel amazingly comfortable and that, with appropriate care, your Woolerina pieces will last for many seasons.


Wool is a safe fibre being a natural fire retardant, acid resistant and anti-static. Wool also has a higher ignition point than other fibres and will not melt and stick to the skin causing's no wonder it's used for our firies and defence personel!

Wool's natural ability to repel moisture means it is also mildew resistant, hypoallergenic and anti-microbial thus reducing the wearer's exposure to allergens.


The Merino wool fibre has a deep, natural crimp which, when spun into yarn, create millions of tiny air pockets which give wool its great insulating ability; the more crimp in the fibre (such as with Merino wool), the more air pockets that are created! This unique structure allows the fibre to absorb and release moisture either from the atmosphere or from the wearer as perspiration, without compromising the thermal efficiency of the garment. 

Wool also has a large capacity to absorb moisture without feeling wet (up to 30% of its own weight!) and can constantly adapt to changes in body temperature ensuring the wearer feels comfortable across a broad range of atmospheric temperatures making it a great trans-seasonal clothing choice.


One of our favourite properties of wool is that it is odour resistant! Wool is incredibly efficient at absorbing sweat and releasing it into the atmosphere before the bacteria that causes body odour can develop. As a result of this odour resistance, wool clothing needs less washing! A simple "airing out" between wears keeps your clothing fresher for longer...and less washing means more wearing!

Sep 22, 2020

Hi Woolerina team,
I love your products a lot,warm and comfortable.
Australian merino wool is the best.
Kind regards
Ulrike Drew

Ulrike Drew.

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