The Importance of Warmth

The Importance of Warmth

A lovely article taken from the Online Waldorf Library was shared with us by our customer Natalie from the Kamaroi Rudolph Steiner School. It's a timely reminder of the important role warmth plays in the growth and development of our children. Below is an extract taken from the article.


Warmth is probably one of the greatest gifts we can give our children. Not only the warmth of our love but also keeping their physical body warm. Children are developing their bodies especially during the first 7 years of their lives. An infant and a young child will always feel warm unless they are on the verge of hypothermia because they have an accelerated metabolic rate. If we don't provide them with the layers of cotton, silk, and wool to insulate their bodies, then they must use some of their potential "growth" energy to heat their bodies.

This same energy would be better utilised in further developing their brain, heart, liver, lungs etc. In addition, being cold decreases immunity. We are all more susceptible to the germs and viruses that are always around us when we are wet and cold. When our body has to expend extra energy to keep warm, less energy is available to fight off infections.

So why do children rarely complain that they are cold? Children often are not connected with their body before the age of 7 to even acknowledge or communicate that they are cold. They live in the moment and are so excited and stimulated by all that they see that they don't have the capacity to sense the coldness of their body. This is why children often will play in a swimming pool or ocean until they are literally "blue" denying that they are cold or that they need to come out of the water. So as parents, we have to help our children develop their sense of warmth. By helping them develop this sense of warmth, we are actually strengthening their immunity and laying the foundation for a healthy body and healthy organs in their adult life. 


It is an age-old question of how best to ensure our children stay warm so that their body has plenty of energy for play and growth, rather than expending energy trying to keep warm!

At Woolerina we are very firm believers in starting any outfit with an insulating Merino wool base-layer to keep the "core" of the body warm. As we all know, convincing kids to keep their jackets on can be so hard as they can be restrictive of their ability to play. Lightweight Merino wool layers make a great choice for reducing restriction whilst ensuring warmth and breathability.

In choosing natural fibres for your base-layer, even if the child becomes warm whilst playing, the natural ability of wool to draw moisture away from the body and out into the atmosphere ensures that they won't become hot and uncomfortable. If a child is wearing synthetic fibres and they sweat, this moisture will become trapped and when it cools, the body will then become chilled.

Our kids collection consists of base, mid and outer layers is perfect for play!

Jun 03, 2020

What a great picture! Thanks for this insight and sensible suggestions.


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