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Re-accredited Ethical Clothing Australia in 2020

Re-accredited Ethical Clothing Australia in 2020

We are proud to have recently received our re-accreditation with Ethical Clothing Australia. This accreditation program is voluntary, but for eight years now we have popped our hand up to be audited.

The accreditation process ensures that we are ticking all the boxes when it comes to creating a safe and fair workplace for our team of wonderful makers. Secondly, it lets you know that when you choose Woolerina, you are wearing garments that are made in an environment that protects workers rights and complies with the national workplace laws.

Our Woolerina garments are made in our workroom located at Forbes in central NSW, the workroom features beautiful natural lighting and overlooks our family property.

Thank you for supporting our team of makers and for choosing Australian Made.

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