3 Things We're a Little Bit in Love With...

1. Peppermint Mag

This is one seriously sustainable and stylish magazine. And we're a bit in love. Peppermint Mag has the knack of combining cool things, with a conscious slant, minus the hairy armpits. We like to align ourselves with such folk and you might even find a little bit of Woolerina goodness in the latest issue. Check out their equally entertaining website here.

2. Clothes Line 


Recently we had the opportunity to donate excess stock to a very worthwhile cause Clothes Line. Here's Pippa with a couple of the amazing men who make this charity happen. The donated goods go directly to homeless and needy people of Australia...and wouldn't they be doing it tough with this recent bout of freezing and rainy weather?

Woolerina challenges you to do the same:

As you make the change over from summer to winter wardrobes, do a quick 10 minute 'inventory' as you assess your winter wardrobe. It's easy - if you haven't worn an item in the last 12 months (ie last winter) then out it goes. We don't mind who ends up with it, as long as everyone keeps warm and happy this winter. There's something very satisfying about dropping your clothes into your local Vinnies or Salvos.

3. Fashion Revolution

Warwick with his handiwork.


This is one revolution that is really building. And it's on April 24, so only two more sleeps! This year we are a part of some super duper big names, from all over the world, who are joining forces to bring awareness to where your clothes come from. You might recognise some well known names in fashion on Fashion Revolution's Instagram here (including our own Warwick!)

Don't mind us jumping up on our soap box for a minute, but we feel strongly about keeping Australian designs authentic and the Australian Fashion Industry as lively as it currently is. And it all comes down to the supply chains - something that Woolerina battles with almost daily - in ensuring our ethically produced woollen wares are made by people who are not exploited.

So why not start the conversation? Read more about our take on it here and why it's such a valuable initiative.

And what are you a little bit in love with at the moment?


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