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Why we LOVE to wear Merino wool!

Why we LOVE to wear Merino wool!

It is no secret here at Woolerina we LOVE all things wool! We LOVE to wear Merino wool and choose to wear it over any other fibre, especially during the Winter months. As we prepare to launch our 2024 collection, we thought it is timely to share with you why we LOVE to wear wool!

Merino wool is incredibly warm, super soft on the skin and helps regulate your body temperature.

Merino wool is breathable, wicking any moisture away from your body so you don't feel hot and clammy under your warm clothes. 

Today, most Merino Wool garments are machine washable and can also be washed less often, as one of the amazing natural properties of Merino is its ability to repel dirt and odours. Regular airing of your garments will keep them smelling fresh and reduce the washing. All garments in the Woolerina collection are machine washable. 

Merino Wool biodegrades readily on land and in water therefore does not contribute to micro plastic pollution. At the end of a garment's life it can be thrown on the compost heap where it will break down and return nutrients back into the soil. 

We hope you LOVE feeling the difference of wearing wool as much as we do!

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