Mothers Day Gift Ideas May 2, 2019 12:56 1 Comment

With Mothers Day just around the corner and an office full of Mum's, we asked a couple of them what their top picks from our current collection are!

Our production manager, Delia - Mum to four and "Marnie" to six grandkids.

Longline Sleeveless Shawl cardigan : $199
It's Delia's pick because "It'll hide the 'chocolate box' that you also got with it!!" - a super versatile piece that you can dress up-or-down, it looks great with jeans but even better when you style it up over a dress or slim fitting skirt. Available in our favourite AW19 colours of charcoal, burgundy and forest green, it's the perfect piece to team with our classic top styles.


Rosemary, looks after our online order fulfilment - Mum to two girls and "Nan Rose" to two more little girls.

Cropped Waterfall Cardigan : $169
"I particularly love this cardigan in the beautiful lilac colour - it's so pretty, soft and easy to wear!" But if pink isn't your mum's "thing", it's also available in very timeless black and navy.

Pippa looks after the socials, our marketing and also recently gave birth to the most beautiful little boy, Charlie! She is also Mum to Sadie who is 3.

3/4 Sleeve Pullover featuring the beautiful 'Hakea' Leaf print : $169
Being able to work with local school girl Kate Rice on this project was a highlight for us all at Woolerina - you can read more about the project here. Pippa says of this piece "I love the unique design and love that it's an Australian native on our Australian Merino wool, made in Australia! I love this style for myself as it's so easy to throw on when I'm heading out the door, making me look stylish even when I'm a bit sleep deprived!"

Wishing all the other lovely Woolerina Mum's a very happy day on Sunday 12th May...we hope that you can use this to pass on some inspiration to your family ;)

Penny. x

The story behind the beautiful 'Hakea' Leaf print March 28, 2019 15:44

We are so excited to have collaborated with local high school student Kate Rice, who has just completed her HSC at Red Bend Catholic College, to create a collection of garments featuring the leaf of the Australian native 'Hakea' plant. The design was hand drawn by Kate and then hand screen printed by Publisher Textiles in Sydney, onto our Merino interlock fabric.

Kate Rice "Hakea Leaf" print for Woolerina

Kate approached Woolerina in 2018 seeking fabric for use in her HSC major textile project. Coming from a farming family, Kate was keen to use merino wool as part of her project; combined with Woolerina's passion for supporting our local community and encouraging the "next generation" into the textile and design industry, it was the perfect fit!

When Kate visited us with her portfolio of designs we were blown away by her talent - the 'Hakea' leaf was just one design amongst many others - and we are thrilled to be able to work with her to commercialise her work. 

Kate Rice "Hakea Leaf" print for Woolerina

The printed collection features two different background colours (navy and lilac) and five styles - a pullover for women, a dress for little girls, a baby wrap, baby cocoon and baby sleeping bag; all are available in both colour ways.

Kate Rice "Hakea Leaf" print for Woolerina

After completing her final year at school in 2018, Kate is now studying a double degree in Design and Visual Arts at the ANU in Canberra with a hope to major in textiles. She has had an interest in art and design from a young age, taking sewing lessons right through primary school! Kate studied Visual Arts in her senior years at high school along with Textiles and Design and Technology. Kate also spends many hours creating cards using hand-drawn calligraphy and lettering which her mum keenly sells for her at work!

For Kate's HSC major work her focus was "to be inspired by and sourced from Australian environments" - she drew on inspiration from native plants due to their unique and beautiful colours and shapes.

Kate chose wool as the base-cloth for her design following extensive research into the sustainable qualities of Merino wool (renewable, biodegradable, recyclable, etc!) - it seemed like the perfect fibre to tie in with her aim to use natural dyes. With the wool industry having a long history of importance to the Australian economy it was also a good fit for Kate's projects focus on Australian resources.

We supplied Kate with 4 metres of 'natural' Merino interlock fabric for her base cloth, which she then chose to colour using natural dyes - Kate trialled onion skins (which came up in shades of oranges), rose petals (dusky pinks), mixed berries (purples) and celery (yellow). Kate settled on the onions for her final colour choice!

Kate Rice "Hakea Leaf" print for Woolerina

Kate transferred her hand drawn design to a small screen which she then used to hand screen print in white ink onto the fabric. It took Kate 6 hours to complete this process onto the 4 metres of fabric!

 Kate Rice "Hakea Leaf" print for Woolerina

Once her fabric was complete, Kate then made a jumpsuit as the final piece for her major project. 

      Kate Rice "Hakea Leaf" print for Woolerina          Kate Rice "Hakea Leaf" print for Woolerina

Congratulations on your hard work Kate & for working with us - all of us at Woolerina are thrilled with how our collaboration has come together! 

The complete collection of printed garments can be viewed HERE.

Penny. x

Mothers Day 2018 Gift Edit May 4, 2018 10:16

These are a few of my favourite Woolerina pieces - they combine style with comfort - just what every Mum needs, no matter what her age! I wear all three of these pieces and so does my Mum! The singlet really is "ageless" - my 90 year old grandmother "Super" also wears one!

Australian Merino Wool Womens Happy Pant 

Happy Pants! These pants are so comfortable your mum will feel amazing when she wears them - they are perfect for wearing at home, into town or whilst travelling.

 Australian Merino Wool Zip Pullover

Our 1/4 Zip Pullover is perfect for early morning walks or throwing on with a pair of jeans. 

 Australian Merino Wool Womens Singlet

A singlet is the perfect gift for everyone! They make for the perfect base layer and we pretty much guarantee that you won't want to be without one after you've tried it - that's a serious investment in your Mum's happiness (or yours for that matter!). 

Sending all my best wishes to my fellow mother's for day of rest and of being cared for - either by your family or by yourself - be kind to yourself, you deserve it!

Pippa. xx


Fashion Revolution Week 2018 April 23, 2018 10:16

This year marks five years since the Rana Plaza Factory collapse in Bangladesh where 1,138 people were killed and many more injured. Whilst this in itself is so tragic, the part I find the saddest is that these people were at work, trying to make ends meet, to feed and clothe their families. There is not one of us out there that can’t relate to this. What most who read this can’t relate to, is that their working environment was completely unsafe and that many were not earning a fair wage for the tasks they were undertaking.

I personally feel so lucky to not only have a safe workplace, but also a beautiful one – a fruit packing shed that, as a family, we have worked hard to transform into a clean, light-filled space, located 5km from the central NSW township of Forbes. As I write, the horses & cattle graze in the paddock behind me and the white cockatoos caw as they fly across the sky.

Whilst my role is in administration and operations, it is up to us to make choices in our manufacturing process to ensure that our workers also enjoy a safe, fair workplace. We employee two staff in our production space here at Forbes – Delia and Melissa – who also enjoy the light-filled, air conditioned and heated spaces whilst they work; both are paid above award wages and have flexible working arrangements to accommodate family commitments and the like. 

Our commitment to our workers doesn’t stop with those who are “in-house” here at Woolerina – we are accredited with Ethical Clothing Australia which represents our commitment to the workers right through our production chain – knitters, dyers, and sewers. We are very much aware that without these people, our business wouldn’t be where it is today and that they too deserve fair and safe working conditions and to be paid accordingly.

As manufacturers it is so important that we make these choices, however as consumers we also need to “vote with our feet” – choose clothing from brands that are happy to share their workforce with us; from brands that choose local manufacturing; from brands that choose to be accredited with Ethical Clothing. And don’t be afraid to ask your favourite brands - #whomademyclothes ?

Check out the faces behind Woolerina this week on our social media channels - FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER.

Penny. xx

AW18 Collection - Australian Merino clothing made with love, to be loved. March 8, 2018 10:06

The change in season is ever-so-slightly upon us and we are so excited to present to you our AW18 Collection.

For this collection we were (of course!) inspired by our soft Merino wool fabrics - fabrics which will keep you comfortable and warm as the seasons change; fabrics which are perfect for whatever activity you are headed for; fabrics which take you back to nature. The new designs in this collection reflect the soft, classic lines for which we are famous and are styles which we feel are timeless so that you can add them to your wardrobe and know that they will be your favourite pieces for many years to come.

Enjoy a peek at some of the loveliness.

The Woolerina team. xx



View more gorgeous pieces for your family in our Lookbook

Cool Wool - wearing Merino in warmer weather November 17, 2016 15:06

It's a very common myth that wool is only good to wear when it's cold - I'm just going to set that record straight because, lets face it, you don't see those woolly sheep sweating it out when it's 35 degrees C!! 

There is so much to love about the Merino fibre and its many amazing, naturally occurring properties. You may have heard the term "cool wool"? This simply refers to a lightweight wool fabric that is great when worn in warmer weather - it's not magic or a new technology, it's simply the natural attributes of the Merino fibre doing its thing!

As the temperatures (finally!) start to rise in our parts, here are a few reasons for you to keep Woolerina in your Spring/Summer wardrobe:

It's breathable - due to wool's ability to absorb large amounts of water vapour and then move it into the atmosphere via evaporation, you'll feel cooler and drier for longer. Wool is able to absorb around 30% of it's own weight in moisture before you will feel wet - not only is this great in warmer temperatures when you tend to sweat, it's also great when it rains - you won't get that cold, wet feeling you get from so many other fibres!

It's odour resistant - need we say more? By helping you sweat less, you'll be less smelly! However this doesn't only apply to body odour, wool won't take on other odours either, think cooking smells, perfume, smoke. We love this property as it results in less washing too - a simple airing overnight & your Woolerina is good to go again tomorrow! 

It's insulating - this is something we think about in winter, but really it's important all year round (ever been in an uninsulated shed in the middle of summer?!). The fibre structure of Merino wool includes a natural crimp which in turn creates small, insulating, air pockets, this then allows your body to easily regulate it's own temperature - you'll be warm in winter & cool in summer!

It's UV resistant - wool absorbs ultraviolet (UV) light, protecting you from the harsh rays of the sun.

When planning how best to incorporate Woolerina into your warm weather wardrobe, we suggest choosing lightweight pieces that aren't too firm fitting. We talked about insulation above - the closer you wear wool to your skin & the more fitted it is, the warmer it will be so, conversely the looser it is, the cooler it will be. Got it?! 

Talking about the natural attributes of the beautiful Merino fibre makes me super excited and I especially love being able to tell you why it is so great coming into summer. I now own two pairs of Happy Pants (one Indigo, one Black) and they get far more wear in the warmer weather than they do the cool - their loose fit and lightweight fabric mean they just breathe so well!

I hope you'll give our "cool wool" a whirl!

Penny xx

Check out our fave Woolerina pieces from our current Spring|Summer collection below.

womens t-shirt with capped sleeve (black)

womens t-shirt with capped sleeve (silver)
+ happy pant (indigo)

mens short sleeve t-shirt with patch pocket (indigo)


Family Business Day 2016 September 14, 2016 00:00 2 Comments

Working in our family business...what it means to me.

Working in a family business goes right back to my childhood when we (my sister Pippa and I) used to go to work with mum and dad after school at Jemalong Wool. Whilst this wasn't paid work, a spare office meant that we were able to play "offices" much fun when you're about 8!

When I was 14 we moved to "Torig Park", a small property 5km east of Forbes which, at the time, was a 10,000 tree stone and pome fruit orchard. This was the start of real employment within our family business - summer holidays consisted of long, hot days spent both picking and packing fruit to earn enough money to sustain us through a year of boarding school. 

When I finished school I spent a year working in and around Forbes, mostly for other family businesses - when you are in a rural community, most businesses are family owned and operated, so I gained an appreciation of what it is like to be "on the other side" - working inside someone else's family unit.

A few years at uni and my very short-lived career as a Registered Nurse began - I loved the work of helping people and taking care of them when they are at their most vulnerable, but I hated the bureaucracy of working in the public health system and the lack of control working for such a large, government owned organisation brought...a very different experience to working in small business!

The opportunity to work at Woolerina arose in 2009 when I was looking for something to "tide me over" till I worked out exactly what it was I wanted to do with my life...Dad needed some extra help every now and then, but the role very quickly grew into a full time job! Almost 8 years, 1 husband and 2 kids later, I'm still here.

When I started working at Woolerina I loved being able to take a problem, embrace it and work on an outcome, knowing that what I'd done was directly affecting me and our business. This is still one of the main reasons I love working at Woolerina and for our family.

My role at Woolerina is to manage the administrative side to our business, but the reality is that I do numerous and varied roles - a typical day might see me answer the phone, pack orders, bookkeeping, plan and execute our social media strategy, do the graphic design for an ad in a magazine, discuss product design and development AND clean the office! I know that working in small business, and family business in particular, is like this - you need to be a Jack (or Jill)-of-all-trades!

Now that I have my own family, the flexibility that working for our family business provides is amazing - I am able to work part time in the office, take work home and bring my kids with me if there's something that needs to be done at a particular time. Taking my girls to the office usually creates utter chaos as they raid fabric off-cut bins, pinch stationary and generally distract everyone from their work, however I believe that involving them in my working life enables them to see the importance of what I do and the value to hard work, just as I did back in the office at Jemalong, all those years ago...the cycle continues! 

Abby helping with orders Abby + Lucy, playing at Woolerina HQ Pippa + Sadie at a recent planning meeting


The down side to all this flexibility, and trying to juggle more work than I have the time to complete in the office, is that I never quite "switch off" - I'm always thinking about what needs to be done and wonder how I might fit extra work in around the rest of my busy life! We are so lucky to be blessed with so many opportunities for our products, however we don't necessarily have the staff to execute everything. 

I am so proud of the business that dad started and that we have been able to grow it together as a family; giving Pippa and I the opportunity to work alongside him, and now employ 3 other staff (who are amazing!), and that what we do as a team is really meaningful to us all. As with any job it presents challenges, but it's not just about earning an income, it's about being passionate and loving what you do - I am passionate about our products and our story - being able to work alongside my dad and sister is both an honour + a privilege. 

We'd love for you to share your family business story with us, either by commenting below or by using the #madebyourfamily on social media.

Happy Family Business Day!

Penny. x 

Fathers Day Gift Guide August 29, 2016 15:04

The Dad in our office (Warwick), prides himself on having a "practical" clothing label - that doesn't always go down well with the more fashion-orientated females he works with - however, dad's generally like practicality, so with Father's Day just around the corner, we've picked our favourite  "dad" gift ideas to share with you. 

Australian made mens merino t-shirt and baselayer Australian made merino beanie and scarf for men 

1. short sleeve crew t-shirt : one of the most versatile pieces in our entire collection (and one of our original designs), this t-shirt can be worn as a baselayer under other clothes, but has a simple, yet stylish design meaning it can also worn as an outer layer on its own. 

2. beanie + scarf : for the dad that wants to be warm + stylish - he'll look the goods at the footy or out for an early morning walk.

3. socks : it's the old cliche 'socks + jocks', but seriously, once you've worn amazing socks, you'll never go back...and these ones are amazing!

For dads that prefer to choose their own gifts you can shout him a Woolerina Gift Card.

HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all the dads. 

Penny. x

2016 Autumn | Winter Collection in store now! March 23, 2016 14:40

After a long, hot Summer at Woolerina HQ the arrival of some cooler weather makes us very excited to show-off our 2016 Autumn | Winter collection, our eleventh to date. Featuring some beautiful new colours, exciting new fabric weights and knit constructions and of course, new styles/designs across the complete range.

The soft Australian Merino wool in this collections continues to come from Glenwood Merinos at Wellington in NSW and is raised on nothing but fresh air, grass and water. The sheep and Glenwood farm are managed using sustainable and ethical farming practices.

We are so proud to continue to bring you Australian made, ethically produced clothing, for your family from ours.




    Australian Merino clothing for boys

Penny. xx