Our new storage solution for your woolies!

Following extensive research, we are so excited to be phasing-in a new, more environmentally friendly package/storage solution! We will be transitioning to a reusable calico bag over the next 12 months to replace our current plastic zip lock bags. In 2019 approximately 75% of our garments will be housed in calico.

Calico was selected as it is a non-protein based fibre, meaning that moths and other nasty critters are not attracted to it as a food source and therefore are not attracted to the woollens wrapped inside! The calico also allows for air flow around the garment enabling it to breathe. 

Calico storage bag for woollens

The calico bag has been designed with the idea that it is kept long after you purchase your Woolerina piece to store your garment in for its entire life. The combination of these factors promote longevity and continued wearability of your Woolerina garment!

As always, we recommend that when storing your woollens you pop them away clean (to remove the human proteins which the nasties are attracted to!) and that you use a deterrent such as bay leaves or whole black peppercorns, inside the calico bag with you garment.

You can also purchase calico bags in their own right for your other Woolerina gaments/woollens here. They're available in three sizes so there's a size to fit every one of your favourite pieces!

We'd love to hear what you think of this change we're making - feel free to leave us a comment or get in touch

Penny. x

Mar 16, 2022

I love Woolerina products. I grew up in Australia and now live in Canada. Woolerina is a significant part of my winter wardrobe in the snowy season. I always make sure I buy a woolerina item every time I come back to Australia to visit. I applaud the move to calico bags. There is too much plastic in the world, and the bag will get good use in my home. Good old fashioned natural products. Thank you.

Rowena Vincent-Nordin
Sep 22, 2020

I have just read about your move to use less plastic — just wanted to congratulate you. You’re doing a good thing! Cheers

Anne Forsythe
Apr 09, 2020

What a revelation about your calico bags and the bay leaf! I’ve often wondered why my favourite woolen tops get holes in them, now I can protect them, Thankyou so much! I’m So happy to see people promoting wool in this country. It’s so important for us to understand
Bthe superiority and properties wool has. I was brought up knitting wool and to reject synthetics as inferior, which I’m trying to stick to in my new business @magenta_threads Best
Thank you gotcha your

Kate Pitman

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