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We love Merino wool for little people!

We love Merino wool for little people!

With so many clothing options, dressing your babies and children in today’s world can be filled with many challenges. It is important that our children and babies are safe, comfortable and warm (or cool!), all elements that assist in the development of a healthy little human. 

Merino wool ticks all these boxes as a fibre choice being naturally safe through its fire resistant, hypoallergenic and insulating properties; it is also naturally breathable, durable and easy care.

Australian Merino clothing for babies

The structure of the Merino wool fibre requires more oxygen than is available in the air to become flammable, it will therefore smoulder and likely self-extinguish if it comes into contact with a flame, unlike man-made fibres such as polyester which will catch alight and burn down into a hot sticky substance that could potentially stick to your child’s skin causing harmful burns.

As a hypoallergenic fibre, Merino wool is the perfect fibre choice for those with sensitive skin. As a natural fibre it is not created or treated with harsh chemicals and, with a low humidity micro climate, it is unlikely to house dust mites, bacteria and other allergens. Studies have shown that those who previously thought they were allergic to wool are not so much irritated by the fibre itself, but by the fibre diameter (micron) - a coarse fibre diameter causes prickle and itch against the skin, whilst the finer micron Merino wools do not. 

Merino wool is warm and insulating due to the fibre structure of Merino wool including a natural crimp which in turn creates small, insulating air pockets. The natural breathability of Merino wool allows our babies and children to regulate their own body temperature keeping them warm whilst ensuring they don’t overheat. Conversely, wool will also keep the wearer cool in warmer climates – absorbing moisture away from the skin and releasing it into the atmosphere. This natural breathability is another reason why wearing Merino wool next to the skin is great for those with sensitive skin/skin conditions such as eczema. 

Woolerina clothing is easy care! Modern production methods have enabled us to create wool fabrics that are machine washable, not to mention that it is also naturally odour and stain resistant, so washing after every wear is not necessary - another good reason to dress your children in wool - less washing for busy parents!

Merino wool is a sustainable fibre choice – Merino sheep need nothing more than grass, fresh drinking water and sunshine to produce an annual fleece. They’re rounded up into the shearing shed once a year where they receive their annual haircut, they then return to the paddock to do it all again! Once your Woolerina garment has run its life, it can simply be tossed on the compost heap where it will biodegrade, returning nutrients to the soil.

Australian Merino wool clothing

At Woolerina we know that in choosing clothing from your family you want something which can be worn everyday, yet is stylish and effortless. Through our careful, hands-on approach to fibre selection, we create fabrics which are comfortable enough to be worn next to even the most sensitive skin, yet durable enough to stand the test-of-time and a good amount of tough love! Woolerina’s products are all made in Australia using the softest Australian Merino wool. The knit construction we’ve chosen is an “older style”, chosen for it’s durability – it takes longer on the knitting machines than many modern knits, but it’s this additional time that enables us to craft garments which you can wear season after season. The dyes used on our fabrics are all GOTS certified. We make clothes for your family with love, to be loved by you.

Australian Merino wool singlets for kids     Australian Merino wool clothing for kids     Australian Merino wool clothing for babies

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Oct 09, 2019

My son loved his woolerina vest., but sadly has grown out of it. Any likelihood you will make it in bigger kids sizes? It’s such a great item of clothing!

Jeanette Donaldson

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