Meet Our Friends Wendy + Kim Muffet

Meet Our Friends Wendy + Kim Muffet

Wendy and Kim have been family friends of us (the Rolfe's) forever and they are some of our biggest supporters. They are some of the hardest workers you will ever meet and have created Girragirra, the most beautiful eco-accommodation with an amazing organic food garden just outside of Forbes on the Lachlan River.

Wendy and Kim are fourth generation farmers, passionate about sustainable living and regenerative farming. At Girragirra, they offer luxury eco-accomodation, a beautiful organic food garden and as a guest you have free range to forage whatever you like! They offer workshops to learn how to make  sourdough bread and farmhouse ferments like kraut, yoghurt, probiotic drinks and veggie ferments.

Girragirra luxury eco-accomodation

When staying at Girragirra, Wendy and Kim have literally thought of everything to make your stay extra special. You will wake up to a basket sitting at your door filled with a beautiful loaf of fresh soughdough bread, freshly squeezed orange juice, farm-fresh eggs and homemade butter, yes you read that right, the real stuff!! The fridge is also stocked with homemade jams and other yummy treats!

Girragirra breakfast basket

Wendy and Kim are pictured wearing our ¼ zip pullovers, these have become a bit of a favourite to many over the years as they are such a lovely layer to throw on making you feel warm and stylish. Wendy and Kim have been wearing Woolerina since we began and were two of the very first to try our products...and they are still wearing some of their original garments, 16 years later!!

We’d love you to get to know Wendy and Kim a little better…

 1. What do you love most about Winter?

The chance to rug up (hello my stash of Woolerina's) and get busy in the garden and paddocks around Girragirra without having to dodge the midday heat of Summer.

2. What is your favourite thing to eat in Winter?

A really nourishing bowl of soup made with stock using the fab Kylie Matthew’s @toppaddockproduce chook frames and veggies from the Girragirra garden.

3. What is one thing you do daily that is a non-negotiable?

Coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee ……………..

4. What do you think is the best thing about Woolerina?

They last forever!! And of course, the wonderful family who makes them!

5. What do you think is the bravest thing you have done?

From a business perspective? Probably committing a whole lot of time and precious resources towards building our first online business, Taroona Farm Lamb, before online business was a thing! It was a success, thanks more to good luck than good planning. 

Wendy Muffet owner of Girragirra

Three of Wendy and Kim's Green Living Tips:

Grow some food. You only need a tiny space to make a big difference to your health, budget and the planet. Herbs grow really well in pots. A few leaves ramp up the taste and nutrient value of any meal and we all know how those little bunches add up in cost … before they turn into compost in the fridge!

2.  Stop buying “stuff”. Most of us have way too much stuff, especially cheap clothing that barely lasts a season. Buy quality not quantity – the Woolerina I have on today has to be 15 years old!! 

3. Think “reusable”. Disposable anything is a burden on the planet and the generations to come. Even if it’s compostable, that disposable thing, whatever it is, has gobbled up precious resources in the making.

This is just a snippet of what Girragirra has to offer, we highly recommend you plan a visit!

Pippa xx

Aug 07, 2022

Please pass on my best regards to Kim and Wendy, who I first met at Hawkesbury. As an OLD Forbes boy, I’m glad to see they have brought a new initiative to farming there. It sounds like the perfect lifestyle as well as a very satisfying business as a transition from full time farming.

Frank Kelleher

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