Em Reynolds, also know as "The Flour Millers Wife", is a baker who makes the most beautiful biscuits and macarons for a range of local businesses and special events. We first met Em a couple of years ago when she joined us in-store for a Mother's Day opening. I have been busy trying to recreate the honey jumbles she made us ever since - unfortunately with no luck! 

Flour Millers wife biscuits

Em's selection of biscuits are those of nostalgia – from childhood, baked with real ingredients and in small batches to ensure their authenticity. Think sprinkle yo-yos, chocolate chip biscuits, honey jumbles and seasonal macarons. Her macarons are are more of a creative outlet – a bit of fun and change weekly depending on seasonality or whatever takes her fancy!

Em Reynolds hand with biscuits.

Em has literally been baking ever since she was a baby "I cannot remember not baking, mum said as soon as I could sit up at the bench I would have been involved, and to be honest its been the same with my kids. I remember when we used to bake chocolate chip biscuits with mum we would always get a little ball of biscuit dough, and when I began school if she baked whilst we were at school, there would be a little ball on the kitchen table when we got home."  

Em bakes two or three days a week; Monday, Tuesday with Wednesday being delivery day. "But as I bake from home I can keep it flexible which is a wonderful thing mostly (sometimes I overcommit and am up all hours icing biscuits!)"

Em Reynolds pouring a cup of tea

We’d love you to get to know Em a little better…

  1. What do you love most about Winter?
    Lighting the fire, come late April I am always itching to get the fire lit! Wearing my woollens and getting the woollen quilt out on the bed. I adore a woodcutting session in the paddock, with a campfire, billy tea and marshmallows.

  2. What is your favourite thing to eat in Winter?
    I will never say no to apple pie or crumble. This winter I have had Amy Minichello’s Cosy Cauliflower Mac and Cheese on rotation. Minestrone soup has also featured a bit too.

  3. What is one thing you do daily that is a non-negotiable?
    Coffee in the morning, and sunscreen (50+) on my face are the only two things that I do daily without fail.

  4. What is your most popular biscuit?
    The honey jumbles would probably be the most popular, they are incredibly nostalgic for many.

  5. What do you love most about your Woolerina garments?
    They are so comfortable and versatile – I can wear my t-shirt for baking, while I exercise, or I could pair it with a skirt and go to town, or layer the pieces and they will keep me warm on the sidelines of the kids sporting events (which are always in the coldest parts of town…). Woolerina garments wash beautifully in the machine (obviously on wool wash) and they do not fade. The garments are all classic cuts, wonderfully executed and will not date as fast fashion.

 Em stocks her delicious biscuits in and around Orange, NSW check her website for details: or follow along @theflourmillerswife

We hope you have enjoyed meeting Em.

Love Pippa x

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