Meet our Friend Johanna Scott

Meet our Friend Johanna Scott

 Johanna is a childhood friend of Penny and I, a beautiful mum to three gorgeous girls, a yoga teacher and the founder of Make Do Co.

Johanna Scott and Woolerina

Johanna established Make Do Co on a mission to live wholeheartedly and to be more connected to people around her. Jo now offers coaching programs that enable her clients to work better; manage stress and become more connected to the people and things that matter to them in their work, life and business. Pen and I are lucky enough to currently be participating in her Common Ground Communication, course.


Johanna is pictured here wearing our very popular Women’s long sleeve crew neck in this season’s golden yellow colour. This style features fitted sleeves, binding around the neck and our signature wide cuff at the wrist, it can either be worn next to the skin as a base layer or on its own as a t-shirt. Johanna loves the longer length over her hips and that the fabric is light and breathable which helps to regulate your body temperature.

Johanna Scott wearing Woolerina

We’d love you to get to know Jo a little better…

  1. What do you love most about Winter?
    The wintery vibe under the stars on a cold winter's night, having lots of hot baths, and yummy dinners in cosy, warm restaurants when it's chilly outside.

  2. What is your favourite thing to eat in Winter?
    I LOVE soups. I make a yummy parsnip and pear soup that I learned to make when I was an au pair in Scotland. I also love slow cooked meats - super easy, a crowd pleaser and so nourishing in winter. And because you can't stop me talking when it comes to good food ... A big pot of dahl to eat with rice, fermented cabbage, coriander and sesame seeds. My favourite bowl food for sure!

  3. What is one thing you do daily that is a non-negotiable?
    Kiss my hubby and little girls and tell them that I love them. More practically, I do a daily Ayurvedic (Yogic medicine) practice called Tongue Scraping - it sounds gross but it's game changing! My biggest daily non-negotiable is some uninterrupted space here and there. I used to live life at breakneck speed and it ultimately did nothing for me. I now prefer more of a holiday vibe - rather than the hustle culture, which has been normalised in modern life.

  4. What do you think is the best thing about Woolerina?
    Just one?! The warmth. I love wearing natural fibers that are actually good for my body. And living in Orange, it's crucial to own some good quality, warm clothes. Sending my girls off to preschool with an inner layer of Woolerina is reassuring for me. I also love the sustainable, family and locally made values of the brand. Woolerina should be so proud of forging this path in ethical fashion. You inspire me to keep refining my own business to be better and more in line with my values.

  5. What do you think is the bravest thing you have done?
    Starting my own business for sure, a business that is very much about me. It felt really brave putting myself on show for people to pick apart! But people have been overwhelmingly generous in their support of my little biz, and it's been one of the most rewarding and fulfilling things I could have ever done. 

Three of Johanna’s Favorite Yoga Poses:

Woolerina is great for Yoga
1. Dancer pose: For joy

Dancer Pose (Natarajasana) is a standing, balancing, back-bending pose that I have always loved! It is connected to the sacral chakra, which is the centre of creativity and passion. It not only feels feminine and joyful to do, it also helps to remind us of the importance of play.

2. Crow: For facing fear

Crow (Bakasana) is a balance that helps us face fears. The act of being on the hands - rather than the feet - is in itself, a mental challenge. There is also the fear of a face plant, which means some people never get off the ground.

But what is wonderful about this pose is that once you tip into it, something magical happens. You discover it is more about your centre of gravity than it is about strength. Sure the basic foundations of arm strength and core strength need to be there, along with open(ish) hips, but the secret to this pose is trust!

I like this pose for the lesson it teaches - if you’ve done the groundwork and built up the foundations, at some point you have to take your feet off the ground and trust it will all work out.

Even better? If you do make the face plant it’s rarely as bad as you first thought! You have to learn to laugh too! 

Yoga resting pose in Woolerina
3. Viparita Karani: For rest

My most important lesson from Yoga might just be learning to treat rest as a spiritual practice (rather than an indulgence). In Yoga, rest is not an afterthought, but a vital part of the class. Proper rest teaches us to be in tune with our body, to restore its natural rhythms and support its ability to heal. Proper rest untangles the mind, providing insight into complex problems. It also offers welcome perspective - most worries seem to shrink with a good night’s sleep.

In the frantic pace of modern life - I think we could all benefit from more opportunities to rest.

Viparita Karani or legs up the wall pose has the reputation as the great rejuvenator. If you have time for no other practice, I recommend this one. It has an amazing ability to neutralise the body - if you are feeling tired, it tends to boost your energy. Or if you are feeling wired, it brings you back down to earth.


Pippa xx

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