Fashion Revolution 2017

Lately I have been cleaning out my wardrobe, and anything I have not worn in the last 12 months I am donating or giving away to friends. My goal is to create a wardrobe that is functional, stylish and is made up of neutral tones (probably mostly black, I just love black!). As it is Fashion Revolution week, this movement has really hit home for me so I have decided to add another criteria for creating my minimalist wardrobe; it needs to be full of garments that are ethically made in Australia with love.
As you can imagine Fashion Revolution has been a hot topic of discussion in our office, and it has really made me think about my wardrobe, so  I wondered what kinds of thoughts it sparked for our Woolerina team:
"The ability to know exactly where our product comes from, how it has been managed and the pleasure of working with dedicated and passionate people makes me extremely proud and grateful. This knowing is extremely important in enabling us to sell with a noble purpose."
 - Warwick, Founder of Woolerina -

 "We had become a throw away society and no one cared about the planet. This is slowly changing and is very encouraging for our industry that people are starting to care and to ask the question #who made my clothes?"

- Delia, Production Manager - 

"I have 8 children so working in a safe, flexible and ethical environment and able to maintain a work life balance is extremely important. It also allows me to be actively involved in my children's daily life." 

- Melissa, Machinist -

“Penny and I are both so proud to work along side our Dad and to be able to provide an ethical and sustainable product which is made here in Australia."
- Pippa + Penny - 

It really is so encouraging to see so many people taking part in this global movement called Fashion Revolution. I am sure I am not the first to create a minimalist wardrobe with Fashion Revolution in mind, and  I would love to hear if any of you have taken this approach. Lucky for me, my wardrobe will kick off with a few Woolerina's!

Don't forget to ask the question of your favourite brands this week #whomademyclothes?

Pippa xx

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