Grace Shares her Fibre Experiment

Our school-based trainee Grace, has popped together a little post about some of the exciting things she gets to do for her Textiles Fashion and Design Traineeship.

"I have been working at Woolerina for the past four months, as I am completing a traineeship for Textiles Fashion and Design, and I love it! I have gained so much knowledge not only about sewing, but also about the great fabric that we use. The wool is not only great for your skin but it also keeps you warm and is great for everyday wear.

One of the components that I have to cover in my traineeship was to “identify fibres and fabrics” part of this component entailed me doing a burn test on natural and man-mad fibres. While I was doing the test I noticed how the man-made fibres such as polyester would catch alight and burn down into a hot sticky substance that was unable to be crushed down into ash. You can see that if you were wearing this type of fabric it would cause serious damage to your skin. Whereas the natural fibres like wool would pull away from the flame and self-extinguish, leaving a fine ash. So by wearing a woollen garment it actually smoulders and doesn’t burn.


Burning Polyester

 Burning Wool

Burning Silk

This test really shows the difference between natural and man-made fibres and how they react so differently to the flame. Here is just another reason why everyone should be wearing wool!"

I think we may have converted Grace to wearing wool - what do think? Pretty interesting little experiment I'd say!

Pippa xx

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