Wool Week 2016

It's no secret we LOVE wool here at Woolerina and this week, Australian Wool Week, is a time to celebrate this wonderful fibre.

Warwick has over 40 years experience in the Australian (an international) wool industry and, if you have ever met him you will know he lives and breathes wool...maybe he may even come back as a sheep!! It really is Warwick's passion to get more wool on peoples backs - in order to do that he has to make sure our fabrics are fine, soft and ever so comfy!

When you next pull on your Woolerina clothes, you might like to think about just how fine our yarns are -  one of our mens long sleeve crew T-shirts  uses 16km of yarn but weighs just 260 grams; if you unraveled one of our womens long line cardigans the yarn would stretch for 34km. One cone of these yarns, weighing just 1kg, will stretch for about 60km. If you still need convincing, the average human hair thickness is approximately 50 microns, Woolerina yarn is almost 1/3 of that! So you probably get my point - Woolerina yarn is pretty fine!

It really is incredible how wool grown on a sheep's back, in a paddock, can be turned into a wearable garment, and we are so glad we are able to put it on our backs and yours.

We'd love you to join the campaign - Live Naturally + Choose Wool.

Pippa. x

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