Woolerina Philosophy

Happy, healthy sheep

The Merino wool used in Woolerina's range of clothing comes from non-mulesed sheep who graze on native Australian pastures, drink fresh water and bask in the sunshine to produce their annual fleece. Carefully managed land and sheep makes for some of the softest Merino wool you will ever feel, or wear!

Australian Made, Ethical Clothing

We are so proud of what we do and how we do it that we have been licensees to the Australian Made logo since 2010 and accredited with Ethical Clothing Australia since 2013.

The Australian Made logo is a well recognised representation of quality of craftsmanship and passion for industry and investment in Australia. The ECA accreditation system proves our commitment to ensuring that all workers involved in garment production receive fair wages and work in decent conditions.

Both these license agreements are a big deal to us.

Love local.

We love being part of our small-town community, and whilst some of our processes happen off shore (for no other reason than there is no place left for them to happen here in Aus.), we keep as much as we can local. Woolerina employs five full-time staff here at Woolerina HQ in Forbes where we undertake all design and pattern making work, all our cutting, and a great deal of our sewing; we do out-source some sewing to an ECA accredited factory in Sydney.