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The Woolerina Team

It's mostly girls at Woolerina, but we are headed up by one incredibly passionate male, who keep us all on our toes!

Warwick Rolfe

Warwick RolfeWarwick is the Big Daddy of the business, and it was in 1990 that he began bringing his dream of making Australian made woollen garments to the marketplace. This vision continues to bring Warwick a great deal of pride and satisfaction. His passion is the raw material – it’s the wool and where it comes from that Warwick sees as being the fundamental difference between Woolerina and other competitors. And it’s not just any old wool either. Warwick handpicks the wool, he actually runs his eye (and hands) over the fleeces and checks out the merinos as they are wandering in the paddock. It’s from the ground (literally) up and Warwick wouldn’t want it any other way.

Since his two daughters have joined the business, Warwick has full intentions of taking more time out to even up the work/ life balance. So far (not) so good – we’ll keep you posted!

Warwick has named his all time favourite Woolerina piece as the Collared Jumper

Penny Rout

Penny Rout

Penny is a nurse, come hospitality guru, come graphic designer, come admin coordinator of Woolerina. Penny joined the family team in 2009 after initially thinking this was something to fill in the time before her next job came along!

Penny relishes in overseeing the design process of the garments, and loves knowing the story of where the wool comes from. Woolerina feels like home to Penny and she is kept on her toes with such a wide variety of tasks – the joys of being a part of a family owned business.

Penny likes nothing more than indulging in a food magazine, and then turning around and creating a delicacy with her new found knowledge. Everyone in the office has witnessed the super power Penny possesses when it comes to cooking.

Penny loves the versatility of her Woolerina dress, which she has worn to death for the last 4 years. This year she will be styling it with over the knee boots. 

Pippa McConnell

Pippa McConnell

Pippa is the baby – of the Woolerina family. She and her husband Chris have recently returned to Australia after living in Canada for 6 years (and yes, that means 6 cold winters!) It was in the Northern Hemisphere that she developed a true appreciation for Woolerina, and counts the happy pants as her tried and true, must have item for this season. Pippa is loving seeing the new range come together, and the fashion shoot was a highlight.

While not knee deep in woolen garments, Pippa aka the ‘Yugoslav Cleaning Lady’ loves pottering at home, cooking reading and whipping her house into a frenzy.

Delia Lennane

Delia Lenane

Delia loves the feeling of family amongst the Woolerina team and loves nothing more than working with like-minded people – so her role at Woolerina feels more like a hobby than a job!

Combining her love of wool with fashion, outside of Woolerina Delia takes great delight in mentoring HSC students as they complete their textile major works. This is both rewarding and challenging as her students strive to create unique and individual designs – no doubt with a wool edge!

Delia’s family is such an important part of her life, and she now loves to spend time with her Grandchildren.

And just like Pippa, you will find it hard to convince Delia of a favourite Woolerina outfit that doesn’t include a pair of the happy pants. Delia admits that she wears her pants both to work and more casually on weekends and barely takes them off during winter! 

Melissa Rath

Melissa is a mum to 8 kids, so it’s a miracle she can even make it out the door to work!

She has a passion for apparel, having been taught the art of sewing by her Grandmother, and has continued to study to gather more knowledge. Melissa loves hand making her children’s clothes and they are now starting to catch on to the art.

Melissa spends her free time (?!) leading Girl Guides and burning the midnight hour on the treadmill – the only time she has to herself! The best part about Woolerina is working with the amazing fabrics and the ‘toys’ in the machining room.

Melissa has found one of the best parts of Woolerina is being able to expose her eldest son to the wonders of wool as he has long suffered from eczema but it is the wearing of Woolerina a singlet that allows his skin to breathe and remain itch free.