Give the gift of Woolerina this Christmas! December 05, 2018 14:25

A few of our favourite Woolerina gift ideas to inspire you to give gifts which will bring much joy and happiness, long after the big day!

You'll find something in our collection for the whole family - a Woolerina gift is fashionably flexible and resilient, made with love, to be loved!


Christmas gift ideas for women. Australian Made, Australian Merino.

1. Womens Happy Pant with pocket : $189

2. Womens Singlet : $75

3. Womens T.Shirt Dress with stepped hem : $169



Christmas gift ideas for men. Australian Made, Australian Merino.

1. Mens Short Sleeve Crew T.Shirt : $119

2. Men's 1/4 Zip Pullover : $141.75 (this one's on sale!! It was $189....!)

3. Mens Singlet : $75



Christmas gift ideas for kids. Australian Merino, Australian Made.

1. Kids Hoodie : $51.75 (also on sale, was $69)

2. Kids Singlet : $39 - $45

3. Kids Skirt : $44.25 (on sale, was $59) + Kids Happy Pant : $51.75 (on sale, was $69)



Christmas gift ideas for babies. Australian Made, Australian Merino.

1. Baby Singlet : $35

2. Baby Wrap : $119 - $129

3. Baby Bodysuit : $44.25 (on sale, was $59)


And as an added bonus, we love a good gift wrap - just tick the box at the checkout + we'll take care of it for you!! If time is tight, we can even ship directly to the lucky recipient.

Penny. x

Mothers Day 2018 Gift Edit May 04, 2018 10:16

These are a few of my favourite Woolerina pieces - they combine style with comfort - just what every Mum needs, no matter what her age! I wear all three of these pieces and so does my Mum! The singlet really is "ageless" - my 90 year old grandmother "Super" also wears one!

Australian Merino Wool Womens Happy Pant 

Happy Pants! These pants are so comfortable your mum will feel amazing when she wears them - they are perfect for wearing at home, into town or whilst travelling.

 Australian Merino Wool Zip Pullover

Our 1/4 Zip Pullover is perfect for early morning walks or throwing on with a pair of jeans. 

 Australian Merino Wool Womens Singlet

A singlet is the perfect gift for everyone! They make for the perfect base layer and we pretty much guarantee that you won't want to be without one after you've tried it - that's a serious investment in your Mum's happiness (or yours for that matter!). 

Sending all my best wishes to my fellow mother's for day of rest and of being cared for - either by your family or by yourself - be kind to yourself, you deserve it!

Pippa. xx


We love Gift Wrapping! November 30, 2016 10:59

Pippa and I have always had a bit of a "thing" for beautifully wrapped gifts! Despite not being amazing at getting my Christmas shopping done early (I'm a freak at the mad two-days-before-Christmas-shopping-dash!!), I love getting all my presents out ready for wrapping (that's usually on Christmas Eve, thanks to my disorganisation) and I love planning how and what I'm going to do to my presents to make them look beautiful under the tree and for my loved ones to unwrap.

If you aren't like Pippa and I, we'd love to help you with your wrapping! Simply select the 'Gift Wrap' option at the checkout, you can also pop a message there for us to hand write on a card on your behalf. If you'd like the gift sent directly to the lucky recipient, just enter their details in the shipping section. We can ship anywhere in the world but please be mindful of shipping times at this time of year. Simple! And the best bit is, it's FREE!

This year we'll be using Woolerina fabric as our "ribbons" - not only are they beautiful and unique, it's also a great way for us to re-use some of our fabric scraps.

Got a special request? Please get in touch via phone (02)6851 2100 or email

Penny xx